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Information for Patients & Caregivers


What activity range can be expected after surgery?
Diligent physiotherapy, proper diet and a willingness to follow all of your surgeons recommendations will contribute to a successful recovery after surgery. Most patients are able to walk without support and drive a car 3-6 weeks after surgery. Activities such as golf, tennis and swimming can usually be resumed but only after a thorough evaluation by your surgeon. Always follow your doctor's recommendations, as recovery time will vary for each patient. You will typically not be allowed to participate in high-impact activities or contact sports. These types of activities place extreme amounts of pressure on the joints, which could lead to complications. Ask your surgeon which activities you should avoid after surgery.

For a period following knee and hip replacement surgery driving will be restricted.  Please check with your surgeon when you are in hospital.

Driving usually begins when your knee bends sufficiently so you can enter and sit comfortably in your car and when your muscle control provides adequate reaction time for breaking and acceleration. Most individuals resume driving about 4-6 weeks after surgery. Please always check with your insurance company before starting to drive.

You may be able to resume gardening after 3 months.  However you should always check with your doctor before undertaking any form of exercise.  When your doctor has confirmed you are able to start gardening again you should  minimise kneeling and avoid entrance of any foreign body to the knee which may lead to complications such as infection. You must also take great care with heavier work such as digging.

After 12 weeks you may be able to return to certain sports. Walking and swimming are excellent but sports that require jogging and jumping are not, e.g. football, squash, tennis, athletics, etc.  Please check with your doctor that you are ready to start taking exercise.

As a result of improved movement and reduced pain, you may find that you can take up exercise that you could not do before surgery. Exercise is an essential part of managing arthritis as it can help build muscle to support joints, maintain a healthy weight and relax – all of which can have a positive effect on arthritis as well as your general health.  Lifestyle improvements and reduced pain can be beneficial to your mental and emotional wellbeing, and offer a boost to your self-confidence, particularly if you were very protective of a sore joint before.