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Information for Patients & Caregivers

Daily Life

Advice on daily living after surgery

Going UP stairs
First take a step up with your un-operated leg.
Then take a step up with your operated leg.
Then bring your crutch up onto the step.
Always go one step at a time

Going DOWN stairs
First put your crutch one step down Then take a step with your operated leg followed by your un-operated leg. Always go one step at a time.

Do not discard your walking aid until told to do so.

If after discharge your knee becomes excessively swollen, red or unduly painful please contact your doctor or orthopaedic surgeon.

Anti embolic (TED) stockings
You must wear these stockings 24 hours a day until otherwise advised. You may remove them to bathe, and to have them washed, but it is important not to leave them off for any longer than 30 minutes in 24 hours. Please keep them wrinkle – free as wrinkles may cause problems. You may wash your stockings either by hand or washing machine on a 40ºC and allow them to dry naturally.

Your may experience swelling for a couple of weeks or even longer after your operation. Should this happen you must sit with your leg up and well supported and ease off any strenuous activities. You must however ensure that you bend your knee at regular intervals.

Avoid kneeling until your wound has healed and you have an adequate bend.