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Information for Patients & Caregivers

Caregivers Guide

As a home caregiver, your role is important for helping your friend or loved one recover from joint replacement surgery. When at home, there are a variety of things you need to know for the patient's safety, recovery, and comfort. This information will help you with some of the many questions and concerns as you prepare to care for your joint replacement patient.

Home Safety and Avoiding Falls

• Pick up unsecured rugs and tack down loose carpeting. Cover slippery surfaces with carpets that are firmly anchored to the floor or that have non-skid backs

• Place regularly used items such as remote controls, medications, and reading materials, in easy-to-reach locations

• Widen furniture paths to accommodate a walker or cane

• Place frequently used cooking supplies and utensils where they can be reached without too much bending or stretching

• Be aware of all floor hazards such as pets, small objects, or uneven surfaces

• Provide good lighting throughout. Install nightlights in the bathrooms, bedrooms, and hallways

• Keep extension cords and telephone cords out of pathways. Do NOT run wires under rugs, this is a fire hazard

• Do not let the patient lift heavy objects for the first three months and then only with their  surgeon's permission

• Un-tuck bedding to allow for easier access into and out of the patient's bed