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Information for Patients & Caregivers

Day of Surgery

The majority of patients are admitted to hospital on the day of their surgery. However it may be necessary to admit you on the day prior to surgery. The anaesthetist will make this decision and inform you.

On the day, you usually will not be allowed to have anything to eat or drink.  The hospital will give you clear instructions about this.  If there is food or drink in your stomach during the operation it could come up to the back of your throat and damage your lungs.

You and your anaesthetic

Anaesthetic stops you feeling pain and other sensations during surgery.  There are several different types available:

  • Local anaesthetic involves injections which numb a small part of your body.  You stay conscious but free from pain.
  • Regional anaesthetic involves injections which numb a larger or deeper part of your body.
  • General anaesthetic gives a state of controlled unconsciousness and is essential for some operations.  You are totally unconscious and feel nothing.

Role of the Anaesthetist

An anaesthetist is a doctor with specialised training and their role is to look after you during your operation and ensure you stay comfortable and pain free.  They will discuss types of anaesthetic with you and help you to make a safe choice.  Usually a plan is agreed with you for pain control prior to surgery.

They will also manage any blood transfusions you may need and plan your care in the Intensive Care Unit if this is needed.